Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour


Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour

  • A high level of pigmentation

  • Provides great covering power

  • Winton is a strong paint

  • Wider range of colours

  • Uniform consistency, stiffer product

  • Retains excellent brush and palette knife strokes

  • Many of the pigments used in these paints are organic

  • All colours can be safely intermixed

  • Vegetable oils are used ( linseed from a flax plant and safflower)

  • All colours touch dry in 2-12 days

  • Primary colours used in color theory from Winton are : Cadmium Lemon Hue, Phthalo Blue, Permanent Rose

  • Whites to use with these paints: Titanium White, Flake white, Zinc White.

  • Full color range available

  • Sizes: 37 ml, 200ml