Winsor Newton Artists Oil Colours


Winsor Newton Artists Oil Colours

  • Pigment strength: uses the highest  level of pigmentation

  • Covering power: stiff consistency ,with great thickness

  • Drying rates are very long, colours remain soft and wet for a few days

  • Short buttery consistency, smell of linseed oil

  • Variable opacity, with Cadmiums and Earth colours

  • Use of single pigments

  • Provide the widest spectrum of colours

  • Pigment purity: only uses the purest pigments, allows for the best colour mixtures

  • Safflower Whites in the Range: Titanium white, Flake White, Zinc White, Cremanitz White, Iridescent White, Transparent White,

  • Linseed Oil Whites : Underpainting white ( fast drying), Foundation White ( priming or extensive layering)

  • full color range available

  • sizes: 37 ml, 200ml