Winsor Newton Artists’ White Oil Colour


Winsor Newton Artists’ White Oil Colour

Winsor & Newton Flake White Hue

  • Quick drying

  • More flexible

  • Durable white

  • Made from lead carbonate

  • Toxic  ( keep out of children’s reach)

  • 200ml

Winsor & Newton Zinc White

  • Excellent for tints and glazing

  • Pure cold white appearance

  • Suitable for mixtures with cool colours

  • Excellent for glazing and scumbling techniques

  • Dried film of zinc white is hard and brittle, you can reduce this with a little  stand oil and thickened linseed oil

  • Made from zinc oxide ground in safflower oil

  • 200ml

Winsor & Newton Titanium White

  • Whitest most opaque

  • Made from titanium dioxide, ground in safflower oil

  •  zinc oxide is added to control surface

  • (These  4 whites  should not be used for extensive underpainting and priming, could cause cracking if not dried thoroughly)

  • 200ml

Winsor & Newton Transparent White

  •  Titanium based

  • Weaker and more transparent than zinc white

  • Excellent for mixing strong tints

  • Ideal for tonal effects and glazing

  • Excellent for artist wishing to avoid opacity


Winsor & Newton Foundation White

  • Ground in linseed oil therefore it’s ideal for priming and foundation coats, allow for 3-4 days of drying between coats, should be thinned with white spirit or turpentine.

  • Made from basic lead carbonate with small amount of zinc white

  • Fast drying rate

  • Recommended for underpainting, and strong texture effects

Winsor & Newton Underpainting White

  • For general use preparing grounds and or mixing into oils

  • Won’t shrink, crack, or wrinkle , resist yellowing.

  • 200ml