Weber Turpenoid Natural


Weber Turpenoid Natural

  • It’s a transparent, light yellow liquid

  • Non-toxic

  • Has a slightly heavier body than most thinners/cleaners

  • Brush cleaner, conditioner and painting medium.

  • Nonflammable, safe for all ages

  • Does not irritate skin or eyes

  • Has a citrus scent

  • Doesn’t emit harmful vapors, contains no ingredients which will deplete the ozone layer

  • Doesn’t require special ventilation, can be used by artist of all ages

  • Compatible with oil and alkyd paints and most oil painting mediums

  • Takes longer to evaporate than other thinners/cleaners

  • The more you use in your paint mixtures the longer it will take to dry

  • Do not use to create washes, glazes or wetting canvas before painting. It’s not recommended for use as a medium with heavy impasto techniques (in which over painting is used)

If used with a medium

  • Use in paint mixture no greater than 25% of the mixture, it allows for the paint to be more smoother and workable

  • It will dry to a soft gloss

  • Sizes , 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, 64 oz,