Untempered Hardboard Panels


Untempered Hardboard Panels

  • Often referred to as” Masonite “ board

  • Hard board is made from wood chips pressed together and bound with synthetic resins

  • The board should be primed – if not there is a risk that acids from the resins may leach in from the board and yellowing and painting ( gesso is regarded as an effective barrier against this )

  • Use three coats of gesso and lightly sand between coats

  • Priming the back side s will seal it from moisture in the air

  • Using more coats of gesso will make your opaque colours even brighter

  • Excellent for oil paintings, acrylics and for backing for watercolor use acrylic Gac 100 to seal panels for water-based painting, also useful as a palette

  • Very versatile and at an economical price

  • We carry untempered hardboard in a variety of sizes