Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion kit


Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion kit

  • One of the most exciting techniques of screen- printing

  • It allows for fine line drawings, photographic halftones and various  lettering techniques as well as photographic halftone positives

  • Use a polyester screen fabric

  • Do not use silk, nylon, if you wish to reclaim the screens

  • Kit includes 6.6oz emulsion-1 oz sensitizer to be mixed with water and 8oz Emulsion remover

  • The diazo sensitizer is required in order to use the Diazo Photo Emulsion correctly ( use the full 2oz with the 26.4 oz emulsion

  • The shelf life for the sensitized emulsion is 4 wks at 90F (32c) or 8 wks at 70F(21c)or 4 months if refrigerated.

  • Sensitizer carries the CL warning label

  • The emulsion and emulsion remover both are AP non-toxic