Shiva Professional Paint sticks


Shiva Professional Paint sticks

  • Paint sticks are refined linseed oil blended with a quality pigment and solidified into a stick form.

  • Can be spread or blended with a knife

  • They are completely compatible with oil paints

  • Colours are self -sealing, when left out it will develope a film over it

  • To remove the self sealing layer use a knife or a cloth ( twist and pinch to remove layer)

  • Blue and greens tend to dry faster

  • Most dry to touch in 24 hrs , fully dry in 3 days

  • Can be heat set after dried

  • Non-toxic, No fumes or odors

  • Use turpentine to thin

  • Most Shiva Paint sticks are AP non-toxic , while some colours do bear the CL Label with safety warnings

  • Perfect for:

    • Sketching, mural work, stamping, stenciling, and can be applied to wood, fabric, clay, glass and much more.

  • Draw directly with the oil stick or use a rag, sponge paintbrush to apply and blend colours

  • Available in various colours and some sets