• White, non-toxic, for all ages

  • Modeling compound that needs no firing

  • Just mix it with water ( add two parts sculptamold and one part water)

  • Remember to mix only the amount that you would use within 30 mins

  • Clean mixing bowl before remixing a new batch

  • Models like clay and set up like  plaster  in 30 minutes

  • Great for projects modeled by hand

  • Finished projects are lightweight and extremely durable

  • Shatter and break resistant

  • It is not waterproof it can be made water resistant with a clear lacquer varnish or gloss acrylic

  • Will not shrink, it molds and cast like clay

  • Adheres to most surfaces, while wet it will adhere to almost any clean surfaces including glass

  • Can be casted in molds made  of rubber, plastic,  plaster and or even sand

  • Curing process can be sped up in a low oven, but air dry for several days

  • Dried forms can be sanded and sawed nailed and finished with any kind of paint or varnish

  • Dries white with a matte finish

  • 3 pounds