Plaster Gauze


Plaster Gauze

  • Its a type of gauze wrapping

  • Has a slight powdery feel to it

  • Pre shrunk cotton gauze fabric

  • Impregnated with plaster of paris

  • Plaster remains soft after setting useful for sanding and easily manipulated with metal tools

  • Soak the strips of plaster in water for a moment to activate the plaster within the gauze

  • Apply it in layers on wire armatures or body parts etc…

  • Allow for water to drain off for 30 secs to ensure activation of plaster

  • Will harden fairly quickly in a dry environment

  • Suitable for fine art , sculpture and mixed media

  • Once dried it can be sanded and painted with water based paint , acrylics and oils.

  • If applied to skin apply Vaseline or water based lubricant to the skin.

  • Even textured to allow for the finest detail and smoothest work

  • One of the fastest mediums for sculpture , props, and mask making.

  • No heat required

  • Safe and easy to use for every skill level

  • Accepts  all finishes

  • 4 inch by 15 ft

  • 12”  inch by 40 ft