Peterboro “Conservation” Mat Board


Peterboro “Conservation” Mat Board

  • has the highest standards of consistent quality in the market

  • the core has a high grade Alpha Cellulose which is the main ingredient

  • ( the higher the Cellulose the higher the purity of the board)

  • Bleached wood pulp that has a Alpha Cellulose of 90.5%

  • The level of chemical ingredients ( iron, sulphur and copper) are controlled and meet or exceed the Library of Congress and Fine Arts  Trade Guild Standards ( the Iron and copper will not tarnish or discolor the matboard and the sulphur content will not raise the acidic levels and will not attack both mat and artwork.

  • surface papers has pigments specified to meet or exceed the fade and bleed test requirements

  • the backing paper is 100% Virgin Fiber ( new fibre produced directly from wood fiber or short fiber harvested from cotton plants known as cotton linters)

  • buffered with calcium carbonate at a 3% minimum  reserve

  • no optical brightness

  • available in a wide range of colours

  • size: 32” x 40”