Pebeo Setasilk


Pebeo Setasilk

  • Used as a traditional colour and used on all types of silk, twill, pongee’ crepe de chine , damask…

  • Water based colours

  • Vivid and intense for painting on silk

  • Fluid, ready to use, transparent colours

  • Can be mixed together

  • Will not harden or dull silk fabrics

  • Excellent resistance to light

  • Air dry in minutes

  • Fix by ironing on the reverse side of the fabric for 5 minutes using an iron set on the “cotton” position

  • Pure squirrel brushes are ideal for painting on silk, use foam brushes for background

  • Colours can be used for silk painting techniques, outlining, salt dusting, watercolour , on dry or damp silk, crackling wax or drawing wax batik, mahaju

  • They keep the silks flexibility and offer a rich refined and very bright palette

  • 29 colours

  • 45ml jars