Sophisticated Patina and Rust Antiquing Solutions


Patina and Rust  Antiquing solutions: ON CLEARANCE

  • the patina antiquing solution is a mild acid that triggers and speeds up the natural oxidation of the metal.

  • its the PH in the solution that oxidizes with metallics to produce Patina Green or Blue

  • if no reaction takes place remember to remove any dirt ,grime,grease with a commercial  metal cleaner

  • if the surface you are treating has a lacquer finish , remove it first with a paint remover or a solvent

  • the best sealer for a patina and rust finish would be a 2 part epoxy sealer

  • you could use a high quality acrylic solvent based sealer

  • a very fine automotive grade solvent based sealer works best on the rust finish

  • all sealers will alter the look of a rust finish

  • glass or plastics should be primed  as well as aluminum

  • you can use Rust as a substitute for the Green Patina , ( its the metal that determines whether you get rust or Patina if working with Iron and other reactive metallic surfacer


We carry:

Patina Blue:

  • produces a beautiful Blue Verdigris finish

  • works best on Blonde bronze and Blacken Bronze, Copper ( the ones we carry)

Patina Green:

  • creates  the look of Verdigris overnight

  • liquid of special salts and oxidization agents

  • reacts with Copper Metallic Surfacer ( what we carry) or real copper , brass or bronze


  • looks and feels like Rust

  • creates a highly textured surface

  • looks like weathered iron

  • rich brown color varies from light to dark, similar to rusted metal

  • reacts with Iron Metallic Surfacer

You can:

 Easily create an antique patina or rust finish on any paintable surface

 Cover metal objects with patina blue, patina green, or create instant rust

 Finish  non-metallic surfaces with copper topper, gilded gold, instant iron, blonde bronze or blackened bronze