Paasche VL & VLS Double Action Airbrush Kits


Paasche VL and VLS Double Action Airbrush Kits

  • Offers versatility

  • Enable the simultaneous adjustment of both air and color at the trigger

  • It’s the most sophisticated design model than the single action airbrush

  • Variation of fine too wide lines without stopping to re-adjust the spray pattern

  • Allows for greater spray control

  • Greater artistic versatility to the artists

  • Wider variety of effects

  • Bottom feed allows for the artist to see over top

  • Bottom feed holds a larger capacity of paint

  • Can handle thin, medium and heavier consistency materials.

Double action airbrush kits contain:

  • Metal colour cup and bottle assemblies

  • Hanger

  • Wrench

  • Aircaps

  • Needles

  • Tips

  • And air hose

  • Complete with a 22 lesson airbrush booklet.

Useful for

  • Murals, Hobby work,, photo retouching, airbrush makeup application, temporary airbrush tattoos, finger nail art, airbrush  tanning, clothing, automotive, street artists, art illustration and much more

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