Neuberg “ Shellac Flakes “


Neuberg “ Shellac Flakes “

  • A resin created by the female lac bug by sucking out the sap of the trees in the forests of Thailand and India

  • Just dissolve in ethyl alcohol to make liquid shellac or soak in 1 litre of methylated spirit for 24 hours until the flakes dissolve

  • Its a natural bioadhesive polymer and is chemically similar to synthetic polymers

  • Non-toxic

  • UV resistant and will not darken with age

  • High gloss varnish

  • Seals out moisture

  • Dries to a very high gloss sheen

  • Child safe

  • Easy to apply

  • Dries in minutes

  • Beautiful and lustrous

  • Shellac can be used as a protective coatings on paintings

  • Shellac is also used as a primer coat and barrier on wood to prevent the bleeding of resin or pigments into the final varnish

  • Functions as a tough natural primer

  • Useful for sealing wax, wood instruments, wallpapering industries, architectural woodwork, leather working, bookbinding ,injection molding etc…..

  • Available in two colours  blonde and dark