Gold Leaf and Metallic Powder Mixing Mediums


Mixing Mediums


  1. Clear Gloss Mixing Medium

  2. Matte Medium


  • both water based mediums to use with powders to form a paint like coating

  • environmentally friendly, safe to use

  • slow drying glaze mediums to mix with metallic and non metallic powders

  • dries to a paint like semi-gloss and matte finish

  • available in 4 oz, 8 oz, 32 oz sizes


Tips for using powders

  • paint is not recommended for mixing with the powders , it will mask out the metallic powders

  • mix a pearalized mica into a clear coat and coat the paint for a metallic effect

  • make a slurry or paste wit the thinner used to reduce the medium

  • water based clear coats use denatured alcohol

  • water based Glaze use denatured alcohol

  • lacquer use lacquer thinner

  • wax use turpentine

  • then add to the clear coat medium

  • remember the higher the quality of clear coat medium used the better the metallic finish appears….

  • mix metal powders with lacquers, polyurethane, oil varnish, waxes and liquified glass

  • avoid mixing metal powders with water based coats, the finish will patina ( turn green)