Lokta Papers


Lokta Papers

  • Made from the fibrous inner bark of the Daphne shrub that grows wildly in the forest lands of Nepal

  • Usually grows and exists at an altitude of 6000 to 10000 feet over the highlands of Nepal

  • Harvested like a sugarcane, cut on the stem 30cm above ground

  • A non wood forest product

  • It is one the worlds few underutilized species

  • Very durable, strong , acid free, 320 g/m ( 140lb)

  • Traditionally restricted to government documents or religious texts

  • Today Lokta paper is used for bookbinding, restaurant menus, wallpaper, wrapping paper, lampshades, picture framing and more

  • Lokta Grass , Lokta Wax Swirl , Marbled Lokta ( silver and black on natural and Gold and Black on red )

  • More to choose from