Krylon Quick Dry For Oil Paintings


Krylon Quick Dry For Oil Paintings

  • Excellent for speeding up the drying process of oil paints ( speeds up the oxidation process)

  • Non-yellowing

  • Quick dry

  • It can be used at any stage of the painting process

  • It allows the paint to continue drying through the film

  • It also can be mixed directly with the paint to improve the flow and shortens the drying times

  • Put a light coat over a finished piece to transport especially if its not fully dry

  • Ideal for oil paintings

  • Dry to touch in 15 mins

  • Dry to paint on 24-72 hrs

  • Has the highest level of UV stabilizers and absorbers available therefore provides superior durability and protection.

  • NOTE* is not a final coat ( if you spray on heavily may cause cracking)

  • Size: 11oz