Heinz Jordan Gold Sable Brushes


Heinz Jordan  Gold Sable Brushes

  • Dried rayon taklon filament

  • Man-made to perform similar to traditional red sable

  • Excellent spring, fine point, with a sharp edge

  • Available in various styles and sizes: flat, round, angular, retouch, square comb, filbert comb, round wash, flat stroke, flat stroke, oval wash, script

Listed below are a few of the many Gold Sable Brushes we carry

Gold Sable series #200 Flat Watercolour Wash Brush

Extra large flat wash brush for large watercolour washes

Gold Sable series# 700 Round Watercolour Brush

Great flexibility holds plenty of colour, keeps a good point.

Gold Sable series# 725 Flat Angular Brush

Shading brush for watercolour, flat brush shape with angular top

Gold Sable series #780  Jumbo Watercolour Wash Brush

Holds a-lot of colour for large areas.

Gold Sable Series# 800  Flat stroke Brush

One stroke lettering and wash brush

Gold Sable  Series #850 Flat Stroke Brush

Wash brush with clear plexi-glass handles with angled tip

Gold Sable Series # 800 OvalWash Brush

Oval stroke, wash brush

Gold Sable eries # 900 Script Brush

Rugger brush, fine line detailing

Gold Sable Series #600  Oil & Acrylic Bright

Great for small areas/ half size brush

Gold Sable Series # 600  Oil & Acrylic Round

Half size brush/ great for detail work

Gold Sable Series # 610   Fan Blenders

Useful for Blending, dry brush techniques, soft edges