Golden MSA Varnish Spray


Golden MSA Varnish Spray

  • The aerosol w/UVLS is made by reducing standard golden MSA Varnish with fast drying Acetone and a propellent to create an easy to use spray product 9w/UVLS)

  • Archival Varnish MSA( mineral spirit acrylic w/ UVLS )—available in Gloss/ Satin/Matte

  • A protective finish for fine artworks,and is even removable for conservation purposes

  • Offers great dust, dirt and moisture resistance in a flexible film,

  • Contains  Ultraviolet  light filters  and stabilizers(UVLS) providing archival protection reducing light damage

  • Adheres to a wide variety of surfaces and paint mediums including acrylics, oils , alkyds,  watercolour, pastels, temperas, inkjet printers

  • Dries rapidly

  • NOT suitable for children

  • Shake can 2 mins prior to use

  • Avoid spraying in a cross wind direct heat or sun

  • Size: 10oz