Gamblin Rabbit Skin Glue


Gamblin Rabbit Skin Glue . “OUT OF STOCK”

  • Its refined rabbit collagen

  • Its the traditional size for fabric support on panels

  • Sizing that also acts as an adhesive

  • Was originally  used as an ingredient in traditional gesso

  • When dried it tightens  the canvas , recommended to add an oil based primer for use under oil

  • Rabbit skin glue has hygroscopic therefore:

  • It absorbs atmospheric moisture on damp days and swells and also gives off moisture on dry days and shrinks therefore causes oil paintings to crack over time

  • Substitutes are Golden Acrylic GAC 100  or GAC 700 and Gamblin PV size ( both have some properties of hygroscopic but not the same as Rabbit skin glue ( you should add a few coats of acrylic gesso over these substitutes ) but the gesso is more flexible than oil paint which leads to tacking so people prefer the hard rigid materials of Rabbit Skin Glue

  • It’s a sizing that acts as  an adhesive when mixed with water and heated to just short of boiling point

  • Recommended dissolving at 60-63c ( 140 -145F)

  • If you overheat , it will reduce adhesive qualities

  • Seals porous fabric and isolates it from ground or oil paints

  • 1pound