Gamblin Oil Painting & Medium Set


Gamblin Oil Painting & Medium Set


Purpose of this package is to give artists’ the true secrets of the “Old Masters “Giving you knowledge of working properties of these mediums, exploring historical techniques, or new ways  to create the traditional ways of oil painting.

Package includes:

Neo Megilp:

  • 21 century formulation, soft silky gel, will not turn dark or yellow as it did in the past

  • Soft gel impasto, has less drag on the brush,

  • 10% oil color plus 90% Neo Megilp makes a soft glaze impasto that’s slow drying

  • Replaced the Maroger Medium

Refined Linseed Oil

  • Makes paint feel more slippery and easy to brush

  • Makes painting  glossy


  • Give clarity and gloss to paintings

  • Is made from resin,

  • Mix   Galkyd   60% with 40% oil colors to create High viscosity alkyd resin

Cold Wax Medium

  • Matt agent, matte impasto,

  • Can be added to reduce sheen


  • Low viscosity

  • Low cohesion

  • 100% pure odorless mineral spirits

  • Safe, clean solvent for oil painting

Galkyd Gel

  • Fast drying

  • High cohesion

  • Gel viscosity

Also included:

  • a sample of Gamblin paint