Dorland Wax Medium


Dorland Wax Medium:

  • A high quality fine arts painting medium

  • It’s a translucent compound of pure fossil earth reinforced with additives, waxes, oils and resin

  • Non-yellowing wax/resin mixture strengthens oil paint against shrinkage, dirt and moisture

  • Can be mixed with oil paints, powdered metals, powdered pigments, dyes, and other compatible art materials

  • It resists cracking and dries more quickly than oils used by themselves

  • Improves luminosity and clarity of colors

  • Makes oils translucent and more brilliant

  • Museum quality matte finish protective coating

  • Works well with a varnish and a final protective coating to dry paintings, metal sculpture, wood carvings and antiques.

  • Useful in frame finishing, as a final picture finish ,cleaning wax paintings, photo sealing, oil painting and cold wax techniques, glazing and thinning, mixed media, wax coating paintings, wax polishing, wax stabilizing

  • Available in : 4oz, 16oz, gallon