Creative Paper Clay


Creative Paper Clay

  • Modeling material

  • Requires no firing in a kiln or baking in an oven

  • Clean odorless easy to use

  • Feels similar to an earthen clay however it contains no clay at all

  • Adheres to wood canvas and most surfaces without glues

  • Dries hard

  • When its dried its similar to soft wood

  • May be carved or sanded after hardened

  • Can be painted with any kind of paint (just like painting on paper or wood)

  • Water-based paint may be kneaded into the paperclay while it is still moist

  • Its recommended to protect finished pieces by sealing it with a coat of lacquer or varnish

  • Natural white colour

  • Shape , let it dry hard, paint

  • Air hardens- lightweight and durable

  • Non- toxic and acid free

  • 8 oz