Conte Sticks or Squares


Conte Sticks or Squares

  • made from natural pigments, (iron oxide) carbon black, titanium dioxide, clay (kaolin) and a binder( cellulose ether)

  • dry square sticks similar to soft pastels but slightly harder

  • pigments are finely grounded and mixed with binder

  • they are very rich, waxier and firmer than soft pastels

  • they produce little dust and are easy to control

  • sticks are 2 ½ “ long and ÂĽ “ square

  • well suited for heavy grained surfaces, bogus paper, newsprint, bristol, ideal for dark surfaces

  • excellent for cross hatching, pointillism, smearing, wash( just add a little water), shading, and line work.

  • sticks available in various sets or individually