Chiyogami Papers


Chiyogami Papers

  • Mostly known  as Yuzen in the United States

  • These wonderful decorative patterns on paper known as” Chiyogami” are silkscreened onto machine made sheets of mixed Kozo and sulphite.

  • We have a various patterns to choose from

  • Traditionally designed for the textile industry in Kyoto

  • Useful for : printmakers , bookbinders, painters, collage artists, archivists, interior designers, restaurants, hotels, graphic designers wedding invitations

  • Available in a variety of  Yusenshi papers and Yuzen chiyogami

  • Some we carry :

    • Yusen Chiyogami size: 18.25” x 24”

    • Yusenshi Red and White Cherry Blossoms size: 18.75” x 25”

    • Yusenshi Cranes and Gold & Blue size: 21.5” x 31.5”