C-Thru Graphic Arts Ruler and Scale


C-Thru Graphic Arts Ruler and Scale

  • C-thru rulers are standard for graphic artists’ studio all purpose tools

  • C-thru rulers are clear plastic with red markings in various scales and grids

  • Marking are easy to read over black lines beneath

  • Markings are laminated so they will not rub off

  • measuring Inch, pica,agate,point scales

  • we carry a variety below are just some we carry

    • C=Thru B-65 Ruler ( 12” ruler with standard and metric scales)

    • C-Thru B- 70 Graph Ruler (12” transparent calibrated in sixteenths)

    • C-Thru B-90 Pica inch ruler (18” marked in Picas, agates and inches)

    • C-Thru B-85 ( 18” graph ruler with standard graph marked in sixteenths)

    • C-Thru W-25 Ruler ( 12” graph ruler marked in sixteenths of an inch )

    • C-Thru GA-86 (18” opaque laminated with inches picas, agate calibrations, proofreaders, symbols, printer rules ( hairline to 12 point ) and more

    • give us a call if you don’t see what your looking for