Gold Leaf and Bronzing Metallic Powders


Bronzing Metallic powders


include the Basic colors

  • extra brilliant Copper

  • extra brilliant fine copper

  • leaf lining copper

  • exterior copper

  • extra brilliant pale gold


mixing ratio for high opacity:1 pound powder to 1 gallon mixing medium


and Oxidized colors

  • deep gold oxidized

  • kt gold oxidized

  • fine red oxidized

  • orange oxidized

  • antique oxidized

mixing ratio for high opacity: 1 pound powder to 1 gallon mixing medium


  • these are metallic pigments used to impart a gold and silver color

  • this mirror like effect that was created in the milling process allows the bronze powders suitable for a wider range of applications, from paints, coatings, plastics, printing inks and much more

  • they consist of fine particles of pure aluminium , brass (copper and zinc )

  • bronze powders are called bronze pigments or flakes

  • oxidized shades are brilliant ( they are created by heating the metal until new colours are achieved)

  • exterior pigments are silica coated, have better stability, and are best for outdoor durability, also are tarnish resistant

  • use exterior pigments in harsh damp environments and or exposed areas

  • do not use an exterior pigment when a tarnish or patina effect is required



  • mix with clear media from shellac to acrylic mediums to prevent from the metal from burnishing

  • use more powder for a solid metal look

  • use less powder for a translucent veil of metallic

  • useful for artists, crafters  the professional faux finisher, sign maker, picture framer, architectural restore