Art Graf Watersoluble Products (Graphite Putty-Powder-Blocks)


Art Graf Water-soluble Viarco Tailor Shape Block

  • Inspired in the traditional tailor’s chalk
  • Rich Pigment block prepared for drawing and painting
  • Extremely soft and water soluble provides the artist a wide range of shades, from light ones to deep and opaque colours

Art Graf Drawing Graphite Putty

  • Water-soluble
  • It has consistency of putty that allows the artist to mold it’s shape for small or large areas
  • Can be used directly out of package or add water, and can produce an endless range of light and dark shades of graphite
  • Art Graf No 1 properties already contain excellent fixative characteristics , no need for a fixative

Art Graf Graphite Powder

  • Water-soluble
  • Made with the same properties as the original water soluble graphite
  • To apply directly or mix with water