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Derwent Inktense Blocks

These beautiful water soluble ink blocks are outstanding for creating pure vibrant colour when dry, when wet they transform into a translucent ink-like paint they lay down soft vibrant colour when you add water they disperse beautifully can be used like pans of paint, apply color directly to dry or...
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Molotow Markers

The One4All paint is finally here at Mona Lisa Artists’ Materials UV resistant Highly lightfast Highly pigmented, solvent free hybrid paint Covers every indoor and outdoor surface See our AcrylicPaint section for more information...
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Terra Skin Stone Paper

Made From Stone Treeless paper , 3 parts recycled calcium carbonate and one part polyethylene . Production requires no water or bleach and only half the energy needed to make traditional paper. no lignin ( never yellows) free of bleach and strong acids FDA approved 50% less fossil fuels used...
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