Terra Skin Stone Paper Rolls


Terra Skin Stone Paper Rolls

  • Made from a combination of mineral powder ( 75%)- calcium carbonate and a small quantity of non toxic resin ( 25%)-polyethylene

  • A treeless paper manufactured in Taiwan

  • Paper is fiberless

  • Has a unique smooth texture

  • FDA approved

  • No lignin ( never Yellows)

  • Naturally acid free

  • Water, tear, grease, mold resistant

  • The production process is very clean, requires no water or bleach and only half the energy needed to make traditional paper

  • It has beautiful printing capabilities, it doesn’t absorb much ink like regular paper therefore image stay much crisper and cleaner because ink doesn’t bleed

  • You can use many layers of different mediums
  • Excellent for sketching, graphite, charcoal, silver-point, oil pastels, dry pastels, oil sticks, acrylic inks, watercolor, ink pens

  • Ideal for shopping bags, folding cartons, signage, book labels, brochures, postcards, greeting cards and business cards
  • Remember mediums take time to dry

  • Keep in mind you may have to use a fixative to block some parts of your work, make sure it stays there and absorbs subsequent layers
  • You can also sketch, write underwater with charcoal, graphite coloured pencils, pennies and silverpoint
  • To fix colors or pencils use a Krylon fixative( archival)

  • For inks use a Preserve It by Krylon to make sure the pigment would remain stable over time

  • For acrylics  use a final varnish called Lascaux ( it forms a light fast invisible scratch proof seal)

  • *note the 200 micron ( 8pt) thickness paper is degradable when exposed to direct sunlight and moisture  for approximately 6-9 months

Available in 40” x 20ft roll

Also available in sheets:

  • 4pt. 28″ x 40″ vellum like white sheet
  • 12pt. 28″ x 40″ lighter card stock
  • 16pt. 28″ x 38″ card stock white sheet
  • 16pt. 19″ x 28″ card stock white sheet
  • Available in two different sizes in a paper pad: 7″ x 9 1/2 “, 9 1/2″ x 14”
  • Multimedia Bloc 25pages 8pt. (150lb) 9″ x12″