Pebeo Mixed Media


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Vitrea 160

  • 35 remarkable transparent colours for glass,glossy or frosted versions
  • water-based colours combine professional quality and ease of use
  • After baking  at 160c in domestic oven, the paints are dishwasher safe


Porcelaine 150

  • 46 inter-mixable colours plus out-liners and markers
  • colors can be air dried for a decorative finish or baked in a domestic oven at 150c for a dishwasher resistant finish.
  • colours are deep and brilliant, translucent and opaque and they have a superb enamelled look after baking


Spectacular Effects with NEW Amazing Possibilities!!


Fantasy Prisme “Honey Comb Effect Colors”

  • solvent based
  • ready to use and mixable with each other
  • honeycomb, pearlescent, opaque colors
  • good lightfastness

Vitrail High Gloss Transparent and Opaque Colors

  • Solvent based Colors with Opalescent and transparent stained glass effect.
  • To be applied in thin or thick layers with a brush or dropper.
  • Unique effects can be created by combining with Fantasy and Ceramic colors.

Fantasy Moon “Hammered Effect Colors

  • solvent based
  • ready to use and mixable with each other
  • opaque colors with hammered effects and a pearlescent finish
  • good lightfastness
  • compatible with all other products included in the pebeo mixed media program
  • can be used on glass, canvas, metal, mirror, plexiglass, acetate, plastics, ceramics and many more.

Pebeo Cerne Relief

  • Dimensional paint in a tube with a nozzle for creating outlines and patterns or to be used as a barrier to retain liquid paints such as Vitrail, Ceramic or Fantasy colors


 Pebeo Gedeo Glazing  Resins

  • easy to work with
  • transparent resin
  • no shrinking when dry
  • two component epoxy system ( resin and hardener)
  • self rounded edges and a glass like finish

Mirror  Effect Metal Leaf   Relief Gilding Paste

  • easy to use
  • no fly away leaf
  • ultra gloss finish transfer foil
  • available in 5.5 x 5.5 inch sheets
  • compatible over all other products included in the pebeo mixed media program
  • can be applied on most surfaces, raw, painted or decorated : glass, canvas, metal, mirror, plexiglass, plastic, paper

Relief  Gilding Paste

  • water-based
  • tube with outliner nozzle included
  • dries transparent

Pebeo Auxiliaries

  • Vitrail Lightening Medium
  • Vitrail Mat Medium
  • Disposable Droppers ( Pipettes)

Studio Acrylics Colors

  • High Viscosity, satin finish acrylic to be used alone or combined with mediums depending on the desired effect
  • The line includes iridescent Dyna and flourescent colors
  • Vivid and deep, richly pigmented colors with a satin finish
  • Mixable with each other
  • Thick consistency particularly suited to work in dimension
  • Retains the brush or painting knife stroke
  • Can be used alone or with studio acrylics medium
  • Adheres well, allowing for collage work, inclusions,layering and more
  • Permanent and flexible paint film when dry
  • Good lightfastness