Kroma Crackle Acrylic Medium


Kroma Crackle Acrylic Medium:

  • It’s a semi- translucent, water based gel material that develops fine crackling patterns as it dries.

  • This product can be applied to most surfaces materials-flexible, curved, rigid, as long as the material has been sealed prior to application with an acrylic polymer medium or paint

  • Surfaces used on: paper, canvas, wood, leather, plastic,  glass and more

  • Drying process good take up to 3 days

  • Product will not crackle if too much paint is added, and will

  • Will not crackle if too little paint is added

  • -5% of paint load is recommended to mixture.

  • If you add over a coloured surface that colour will show through.

  • Dries white when it is on its own

  • You can seal with a polymer medium, after it is completely dry , which will ensure strength and durability, at that time it can be used as a further ground for work.

  • Available in two sizes