Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil


Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil

  • Faster drying oil and this hard paint makes it  ideal for outdoor signs and oil colour murals

  • Very versatile

  • Doesn’t dry as fast as acrylics

  • Genuine oil color made from pigments and oil modified Alkyd Resin binder ( with a solvent that controls the drying rate, this binder also has a more fluid consistency than traditional oils)

  • Good pigment strength

  • Now rated AA or A

  • Provides great covering power, can be used as an underpainting

  • Can be thinned with solvents

  • All colours remain workable on the palette 4-8 hrs, touch dry on the canvas 18-24 hrs, and they dry to a uniform satin finish

  • Griffin Alkyd  Colour can be mixed with traditional oil color, you will lose the speed of drying

  • Excellent for use on  wood, glass, metal or porcelain

  • Full color range available

  • Size: 37ml