Golden High Flow Acrylic Paint


Golden High Flow Acrylic Paint

  • Made with the same ingredients of the Golden Artist colors

  • Formulated with 100% acrylic polymer dispersion, resulting in a durable paint layer with excellent water and chemical resistant

  • Made with finely ground pigments to reduce clogging

  • Additives such as flow improves film levelers and retarders  create a very thin and free flowing paint

  • Excellent for fine line work, larger surfaces such as paper, canvas, panels and illustration work

  • Add to refillable markers, ruling pens, or technical pens

  • Useful for pen and ink, airbrush, staining and color washing

  • Pour right from the bottle

  • 49 high intensity colors, including iridescent and fluorescent colors full intensity and transparent

  • Sizes available : 1fl oz & 4 fl oz

  • Selected colors available