Forsline & Starr Color Shapers


Forsline & Starr Color Shapers

  • Great tool for ,mixing spreading,applying,move and remove paint

  • non-absorbent

  • silicon rubber tips

  • solvent and wear resistant

  • cleans up in seconds

  • dry paint just peels off

  • works like a spatula

  • Useful for pastels, oils, acrylics, watercolours,sculpting,charcoal

  • available in 5 sizes- 0-2-6-10-16

  • available in 3 types:

  • soft-white

  • grey-medium

  • black-hard

  • the best tip for acrylics and oils is the grey tip

  • the black clay shaper offers excellent control therefore useful for clay, plasticine,wax, heavy body paints,plaster and epoxy resin.

  • great for applying masking fluid in watercolour