The New Line of Digital Art Projectors -Flare100-Inspire800-Impression1400


The New Line of Digital Art Projectors OUT OF STOCK

  • Ability to display digital images from virtually any source, including SD cards, digital cameras, computers, I-pads  smartphones and  I-phone

  • Includes Edge Enhancer

  • Energy saving LED lamps lasts up to 30,000 hrs ( 4 hrs a day for 20 yrs)

  • Will play music while you work

  • Plays digital movies on an USB drive

  • Has a selection of built in projection grid patterns(22+ geometric shapes & patterns) for composition of artwork

  • Ability to adjust the  keystoning , keeps picture at a perfect 90 degree image( if your canvas is up higher )( see comparison guide for model)

  • Ability to turn the coloured picture to a black and white, to see the contrast better

  • Has a precise and flexible color control

  • Image Flip/ Reverse/Rotate

  • You can run your pictures as a slideshow

  • Input Terminals : HDMI, Multi-Card USB Card Reader
  • Tripod Mount Connection
  • Full Function Remote Control

  • Very versatile

  • Has a lot of artist tools