EnviroTex Lite Pour On


EnviroTex Lite Pour On

  • It is a water clear reactive polymer ground

  • Cures to a thick glossy coating

  • Is self leveling

  • Cures 8hrs at 70 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Reaches full strength in 8 hrs

  • Requires no polishing to produce a high gloss

  • Water proof , heat and alcohol resistant

  • High Gloss Finish

  • One coat is really all that is necessary

  • Please note that epoxy resin will yellow over time if

    • too much UV light

    • high heat while wet or curing

    • if heated to high afterward

    • if more than ½ in thickness, ( layer no more than ⅛ “ at one time)

  • Various sizes available: 4oz, 8 oz, 16oz, 32oz