Enkaustikos Hot sticks & Wax and XD Wax Mediums


Hot sticks are the newest addition to the Enkaustikos encaustic paint line.

  • Made with only fine beautiful pigments the best damar resin and US pharmaceutical grade beeswax.

  • These paints contain no bleach or synthetic adulterants.

  • No colour shift

  • All colours are very rich , vibrant and creamy

  • Designed for only the professional encaustic artist.

  • Available in a variety of professional artists’ quality colours, plus they come with wax medium and xd wax medium.

  • The new square paint stick allows for the artist to use it in a variety of ways, therefore is very versatile.

  • Works done with encaustic wax paints does not need to be varnished or protected by glass

  • Use a soft cloth to buff the the wax to a beautiful luster finish

Used for: encaustic painting, mixed media techniques, printmaking, and rubbings

  • Hot sticks can be melted directly on your hot plate to create a puddle of color for your brush, or can be applied directly on a heated substrate it would be as if a stick of lipstick gliding across the surface producing rich vibrant colours instantly

  • You can mix your colours to create custom colours just by adding them to your hot plate or melt them in a tin.

  • Encaustic paints can be reworked  immediately or years later with the addition of heat

  • Use metal tools , hog , hake  or natural bristle brushes to shape the paint before it cools

  • Use heated metal tools to manipulate the wax after it has cooled on the surface

Wax Medium:

  • Made from US pharmaceutical grade Beeswax and Damar Resin

  • Add to wax paints to increase transparency for glazing techniques

  • Use it as a top coat, base coat or a textured surface

XD Wax Medium:

  • eXtra Damar (XD)

  • It has a higher content of damar then the original

  • Gives a thicker consistency when liquified

  • Has a sticky tack while drying for texture build up

  • Stays pliable for a longer time